Late 2015 had me quite busy, and in the best possible way. I so often felt humbled and inspired by the company I was in.

From seeing my book in a prize package at the Giller Light Bash, to having the opportunity to read and share my thoughts on horror (and its many merits) alongside some of my favourite authors at three wonderful festivals, to being a featured author at the Writers’ Trust Gala, it was a pinch-self-worthy end to an incredible launch year.

Don’t even get me started on how fabulously creepy and evocative Hoda Zarbaf’s Cauchemar-inspired sculpture (pictured below at IFOA) was.

I’m grateful for so very much, not least of all the incredible organizers that gave me the opportunity to share my work. So many thanks to all the folks (volunteers, staff, moderators) at Winnipeg International Writers Festival (THIN AIR), Word on the Street, and the International Festival of Authors for having me.

Now, to not rest on my laurels, as I’ve so often been tongue-in-cheekily reminded not to do. I’ve got a few things up my sleeves. :)


Hoda Zarbaf

Cauchemar-inspired sculpture by Hoda Zarbaf (back view)



Cauchemar-inspired sculpture by Hoda Zarbaf (front view)

Alexandra Grigorescu

Talking scares on the Tall Ship at WOTS 2015, with Deborah Dundas, David Nickle, Andrew Pyper and James Grainger.

Alexandra Grigorescu

Reading from Cauchemar (in amazing company) at THIN AIR 2015 in Winnipeg.

Writers' Trust

Writers’ Trust Gala 2015