This being my first book and all, I wasn’t really too sure when I could expect it to land on shelves. As I’ve mentioned before, it still seemed like some nebulous eventuality. That is, until Indigo started listing it as being available in stores (such as Bay/Bloor, Eglinton, Yorkdale, Richmond Hill and Newmarket) earlier this week. So, of course, I put on some waterproof mascara in anticipation of what I thought would be a wave of emotion—fulfillment of childhood dreams and whatnot—enlisted my lovely husband, and off we went to the Eaton Centre.

There were no tears. There was just a very deep contentment and a very real, goofy smile. I pretty much lost it when I also found it up on two walls on the main floor (prime real estate), including a section titled The Modern Fairy Tale. My husband picked up a copy and we ran around with it like chickens sans heads, as an elderly lady eyed us suspiciously—we were surely the happiest hooligans she’d ever seen.

It means a lot to see your book on a shelf, and that sense of fulfillment comes not only from the hard work you’ve done and hard knocks you’ve taken, but rather from being first and foremost a reader. From having always associated the bookstore with comfort and escape. From knowing that no matter what was going on, I’d go pick out my books for the week and be subsumed by new worlds. So, to know that my world is out there now, for other bookworms to enjoy, is a beautiful gift.

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